2G Sunset: What is the effect on my M2M Application?


Will the 2G Sunset affect my application?

2G applications will continue to operate in non-affected markets and places where AT&T has roaming agreements with other carriers who are continuing to provide 2G service.  If this is not the case, 2G applications may not work and will have to be adapted to the new standards. Numerex is committed to communicating to impacted customers well before 2G service is turned down.

How can I stay ahead of the curve?    

Customers have several options for managing the transition from 2G. Several approved 3G and LTE modems are available today. Customers deploying internationally where 2G is still widely supported will benefit from transitioning to a 3G/2G capable device while customers with solutions requiring a longer life span may opt to build directly on LTE.

How can I prepare for the upcoming technology migration?

Successfully navigating a technology migration is not a simple task, considering all the decisions that must be made:

  1. Deciding on the appropriate network technology for the application. Will the solution be connecting via CDMA, 3G, 4G, or LTE?
  2. Build versus buy dilemma. When upgrading your connectivity solution it will also be necessary to upgrade your hardware so that it’s compatible with the newer network protocols. Companies will need to decide whether to use an already certified modem and pay more per device, or build their own box, which will require development, testing and certification, and can prove to be very costly. Of course, building your own modem will be more efficient in the long run if you are planning on deploying 5,000+ units.
  3. If developing your own modem; what technical resources will be needed to make this a successful working product?

At Numerex, simplifying complexity is what we do best.

We have successfully migrated network technologies in the past for many customers, and are extremely adept at simplifying the complexity in the connectivity landscape. Whether the new hardware being implemented is compatible with CDMA, 3G, 4G or LTE, Numerex can add the connectivity quickly and get your application back up and running in no time.

As a technology company facing a major technology change or infrastructure upgrade, you want to rely on experienced partners when faced with these complex challenges. Numerex brings to the table over 20 years of experience and dedicated technical resources. Many companies have already begun to exchange their aging technology assisted by Numerex as their trusted partner. You, too, can stay ahead of the upcoming 2G Sunset by staying prepared and informed.

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