Extend Your 2G IoT Connectivity Until 2020



Cellular carriers have announced their plans to sunset their 2G beginning at the end of 2016. While the 2G sunset will provide the most efficient use of the network by supporting mobile internet services on 3G and 4G networks, there are still thousands of IoT deployments across the country that rely on 2G network service. For many organizations, updating these devices presents a hefty investment in time, funds and other resources.

Numerex and T-Mobile have announced a program that will extend its 2G capability through 2020 for IoT deployments, providing mission-critical 2G customer support today and a seamless glide path to LTE deployments in the future.  This program brings to bear the combined core strengths of Numerex and T-Mobile – built on the award-winning Numerex nxFAST™ IoT platform – and connected by T-Mobile’s extensive, nationwide LTE network.

dishes on a telecommunications pylon at the sunset

In addition to providing glide-path to LTE, the program has the potential to save IoT enterprises millions of dollars a year by allowing 2G customers to:

  • Avoid the 2G turndown and maintain existing devices
  • Prevent device write offs and write downs
  • Avoid costly truck rolls to replace 2G devices in the field
  • Ensure a future pathway to bypass 3G and go straight to LTE

Ready to get started?

Let Numerex and T-Mobile make the transition simple, efficient, and painless. Future proof your investment, and plan your 2G path today! Visit Numerex.com/2GPromo to get started.

Author: April Thompson

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