iNSITE Web Push Delivery API – Part 2 of 3



Numerex provides multiple APIs to customers that allow them to utilize the M2M services provided by the iNSITE Gateway.  These services include Telematics, Security, and Location Based Services.  To fully test and utilize these APIs, the Web Push Delivery API must be implemented on the customer’s network.  This will ensure that response messages from a device are transmitted to the customer’s network.iNSITE_Gateway

The Telematics, Security, FOTA, and other APIs send commands through the iNSITE Gateway to a device.  The Web Push Delivery API is used to receive responses and other messages from the device.  The messages are pushed from the iNSITE Gateway, to the customer’s hosted web server.

This instructional guide provides examples using cURL (Client for URLs) command line application.  This will give the user the opportunity
to send commands through the Numerex iNSITE services to a mobile device.  cURL supports a range of common Internet protocols including HTTP, which is used when sending commands.

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