M2M Connectivity Plays Important Role for Patients Awaiting Heart Transplant Worldwide



When Rodger Ford, CEO and co-founder of Houston-based ReliantHeart, Inc., was seeking a machine-to-machine (M2M) partner that could provide lifesaving connectivity for patients worldwide awaiting a heart transplant, he looked no further than the dynamic leadership and
development team at Numerex®, a leading provider of on-demand and interactive machine-to machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) enterprise solutions.
The ability to remotely monitor and send real-time data via a secure network anywhere in the world 24/7 and signal urgent alerts when needed was a primary driver that helped Ford recognize Numerex was the right M2M connectivity partner to power ReliantHeart’s
revolutionary new HeartAssist5® Heart Pump.
“Three very specific criteria were important to me when searching for an M2M partner on this project,” explained Ford. “First, I needed a partner big enough not to fail. Next they needed to be connected real-time, all the time, anywhere in the world. Finally, I wanted a turnkey
solution partner with all the necessary infrastructure all under one roof – from front-end design, to execution and moving of the data – who demonstrated superior customer service. Numerex matched these criteria for me and much more.”


For ReliantHeart®, Numerex’s worldwide M2M connectivity and 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities play an integral role in the company’s daily operations.
“Oftentimes patients with critical heart conditions and VADs that are not monitored arrive at the hospital on death’s door,” Ford explained. “The worldwide connectivity provided to the HA5 device, via the Numerex network, allows medical teams to intervene much earlier, resulting in valuable time needed to streamline patient care and potentially improve outcomes.”
Critical data about the functioning of a patient’s HA5, such as blood flow, speed and power, are monitored and broadcast via a secure wireless Internet connection to a control center remotely monitored via computers, iPad or smartphones. If a HA5 patient’s transmitted data violates pre-determined levels set by physicians, an alert is immediately sent to a clinical team charged with monitoring that patient.
“Being connected real-time, all the time, anywhere in the world is critical to clinicians that support HA5 patients. Of equal importance to ReliantHeart was teaming up with a supplier who demonstrated strong responsiveness at the executive level and listened to what my team was trying to accomplish,” Ford said. “It’s rare to find such spirit in a supplier and I could not be more pleased with the team and results I’ve experienced at Numerex.”

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