Numerex Network Enables 2G Migration for Smart Irrigation Provider



In the irrigation industry, ETwater is redefining the space with smart irrigation. Their cloudbased platform relies on Numerex’s 24×7 connectivity enabling the collection and analysis of large amounts of weather and soil-condition data. This information is used to determine optimum irrigation scheduling. Significantly more sophisticated than a traditional irrigation controller that only controls sprinklers’ frequency, start times and duration; ETwater’s smart irrigation control measures the depletion of plant moisture and adjusts the watering schedule accordingly. This saves money and preserves precious resources. Faced with connectivity challenges in 2008, ETwater partnered with Numerex to provide consistent, strong, reliable connectivity to remote field resources. Six years later, as technology advanced, and the volume of resources increased, ETwater proactively decided to upgrade their 2G devices to next generation technology. Looking to seamlessly transition their entire national footprint, ETwater trusted Numerex to facilitate the migration project. “We trusted Numerex for this migration project because of their respected M2M network and connectivity expertise,” said Lee Williams, SVP Product at ETwater. “We have an ambitious and highly capable cloud-based service that we provide to our customers but we don’t want our clients to ever worry about network connectivity.”


Author: Marketing Admin

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