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Remote Tank Monitoring Consolidates Deliveries by 48% to Boost Efficiency

Newsletter spread thumbnailFuel delivery has always had some built-in inefficiencies. And like most fuel and lubricant distributors, Retif Oil & Fuel followed a “keep full” model when restocking fuel tanks and was spending too much money “topping off” customer fuel tanks and making emergency deliveries. Without an accurate view of customer fuel stocks it was impossible to determine who needed fuel or how much they actually needed.

Extend Your 2G IoT Connectivity Until 2020

dishes on a telecommunications pylon at the sunset

Cellular carriers have announced their plans to sunset their 2G network beginning in 2016. For many organizations, updating these devices presents a hefty investment in time, funds and other resources. T-Mobile® and Numerex have announced a program that will extend 2G capability through 2020 for IoT deployments, providing mission-critical 2G customer support today and a seamless glide path to LTE deployments in the future. Let Numerex and T-Mobile make the transition simple, efficient, and painless.

Not All Electronic Monitoring is Created Equal

Fewer false alerts electronic monitoringMost electronic monitoring systems fall victim to a set of common weaknesses that result in a high volume of false alerts. The most common of these weaknesses are lack of indoor location, two-piece GPS hardware, and inferior strap technology. Taken individually or in combination, these flaws produce so many false alerts that agencies find it difficult, if not impossible, to implement effective response protocols to critical incidents, like an offender absconding or tampering with a bracelet.


Author: April Thompson

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