Water Conservation


Water Management

Preserving precious resources

A source of life and clean energy, easy access to clean and usable water is critical to modern society. As the volume of surface and ground water decreases in contrast to the increasing population, private and public policy changes are being ratified for conservation of this essential resource. Stakeholders in both the public and private sector continue to seek innovation for water optimization, opening the door for technology to optimize usage and distribution.

iStock_000000246515_MediumThe Industrial Internet of Things

Enter the Internet of Things. The technological evolution of devices, networks, and applications has led to a tipping point where physical and digital worlds combine to deliver unprecedented data availability. Cloud-based applications now filter the flood of information into real-time actionable intelligence that optimizes operations, predicts future events, and enables more efficient outcomes.

Resource Management

Efficiency and cost control are critical in an industry with limited funds and engineering resources. Remote monitoring and control of pumps, flows, water levels and other systems enables informed decision making at the speed of business. Efficient, automated water resource management depends on localized intelligence and remote control. Automating remediation, notifications, and reporting helps to increase speed to value while mitigating issues. End-to-end, packaged solutions have shown successful deployment when they integrate quality products and services. Access to the right information, at the right time, provides decision makers with the rich picture of performance and enables smarter decision making.

Key Industrial Internet Requirements for Water Resource ManagementIrrigation equipment on farm field

An end-to-end solution that captures data at remote sites and relays that data to an application to improve operational efficiency must:

  • Automate site shutdown configuration and remote site control capability
  • Enable time-sensitive event communications and response
  • Access application data from anywhere, receive alerts and alarms,  and run historical reports from any web browser
  • Connect remotely via a secure network to query  real-time data on any location from any connected device

Value Opportunities

  • Lower operational costs by optimizing service schedules and improving event response
  • Improve event response with automated shutdown and deliver specific event information to key personnel
  • Improve process management with real-time data and remote site query enabling better service planning


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