What’s Really Behind the Wearable (R)evolution


Think wearables are an overnight sensation or just a fad? Think again. They’ve actually been around for the better part of a decade, and the benefits they provide are among the reasons why you’ll be seeing a lot more.

The initial generations of wearables typically were utilitarian devices for people who needed to be tracked, such as parolees, offenders awaiting trial, seniors with Alzheimer’s and children. They mostly flew under the consumer radar, but they enjoyed a wide market because they provided – and still provide – major benefits.

For example, the average cost to jail an offender is more than $79 per day. It’s just $5 to $25 per day to put an electronic ankle bracelet on that offender. That’s why so many law enforcement agencies have spent the past decade implementing or expanding electronic monitoring, which frees up budgets and personnel for solving and preventing crimes.

Senior citizens are another example. When their adult children and other caregivers can use wearables to monitor their location and health, there’s less need to disrupt their lives by moving them into expensive care facilities.


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